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Sample Dialouge: Counseling following the TTM Model

Create a dialogue of your own that illustrates how you might counsel a client who is in different stages of change according to the transtheoretical model (TTM) for career development (e.g., Precontemplation) and dealing with drug addiction (e.g., Action).

Apply the four principles of Motivational Interviewing in your scenario.

Explain how the scenario you create effectively addresses some of the challenges of working with clients who are in different stages of change with regard to career development and substance abuse.

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Scenario 1

1. Explanation of scenario - 100 words
2. Sample Dialogue - 400 words

Scenario 2

1. Explanation of scenario - 100 words
2. Sample Dialogue - 400 words

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Scenario - Career Development

This particular sample dialogue (dialectic exchange) is between practitioner (P) and client (C), as the client approached the practitioner for help in relation to career development issues. Using the 4 principles from Motivational Interviewing (Rollnick & Bell, 1992) which are empathy, discussion of discrepancy, rolling with resistance, and support of efficacy, the interview aims at getting the client into the career-changing action they are contemplating. The client, in his 40's, is beginning to feel a sense of unaccomplishment at a personal level in relation to academic as well as corporate achievement. He has been with his current company as an accountant for 18 years after graduating from university. All through that period, while he underwent training and rose through the ranks, he had always planned to take up further studies, to do his MBA as this would allow for further mobility within the company. But marriage and kids made staying with his specialization as an accountant the safest bet as the salary he receives allows him to support his wife and kids. But since he turned 40, he has increasingly felt unhappy in his current job, feeling the need to go further, to take up academic challenges to become a better accountant and business manager as well as to compete with former colleagues and 'level up'. But he is afraid as to what this would entail, thus he is, according to the TTM model, in that 'precontemplation stage'. The sample dialogue below attempts to show the client that he is overestimating the cons and underestimating the pros.

P: Good afternoon. I hope you are as well as you can be. I understand that you are thinking of taking on further studies? Can you elaborate on that, particularly as to the reason why?

C: Well, I am okay, I guess. But lately when I turned 40, I have been thinking about doing an MBA. I have always planned to do that, have done so for years now. But more than ever I think I have to do it, I am not getting any younger and I feel that it will really help my mobility in my company.

P: It sounds like a good option to do, gaining such a qualification can only improve your employability as your specialization and skillset will become more valuable to your employer. Are you planning to do this anytime soon?

C: Well, yes, but...uhmmm...not soon. Just weighing it all up in my head. You see my daughter, she's going to college and my wife, she's only doing a part-time job as my other son is in high school still. So I thought we might not be able to ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advises in completing the task (see above) as set out in the original problem which is the development of a dialouge/discourse wherein a client who is in the different stages of change following the transtheoretical model (TTM) is counseled for the purpose of career developmend. The solution provides 2 scenarios (career development and drug addiction) wherein the 4 principles of the TTM model applies. All in all the sample dialouge amounts to 2,236 words, with around 1,150 words per each scenario. Each scenario is explained prior to each dialouge. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.