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Research Mindset and Skills

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Can you provide me an example of a response in which you identify and self-assess your current research mindset and skills?

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. This particular assignment is asking you to assess yourself, to reflect. I am assuming that you need guidance on where to begin to get this assignment done. Don't worry, all it will take for you is to follow a particular structure and do a bit of self-analysis in terms of how you do your research. If you have class materials regarding this topic, you can also refer to those to include ideas and concepts that your professor could be expecting. Now, with a problem like this, it's best to begin with an outline. I suggest:

1. Introduction - what is this about - 50 words
2. A little about yourself - 100 words
3. What you use research for; identify a host of situations - 100 words
4. Your mindset about research; provide examples - 100 words
5. Your research skills - 100 words
6. Summary of your reflection - 50 words

The above outline should craft you around 500 words which should be enough for a short reflection. You can however increase or decrease it dependent upon your need. You need to be aware of the definition of research and your own practices, and that is all that's required here. Good luck.

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