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Mental Models/Mindsets That May Inhibit Learning

I need help in identifying two mental models that may be inhibiting learning of students at University of Phoenix. I am working with a team in an online setting; I have attached a chart of diversity factors of my classmates and myself (cultural, work experience, education, age, gender, and non-work experience).


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I have outlined one mindset and one mind model for you to use for the assignment. I included two reference sites as well for you to look at and then write your assignment.

There are two types of mindsets. The first is the growth mindset and the second is the fixed mindset. The fixed mindset is one that will most inhibit learning in any situation. It is the idea that the person is just what they are and know what they know and there is limited chance of their changing. They do not accept challenges and will avoid them and obstacles as much as possible. The person will see ...

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Mental models and mindsets that may inhibit learning is determined.