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Empirically Supported Treatments and APA Ethical Code

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Evidence-Based Practice, Empirically Supported Treatments, and the APA Ethical Code

Increasing your knowledge of universal and orientation-specific skills is your first step to becoming a competent psychotherapist. You also must be able to research and evaluate appropriate empirically supported and evidence-based practice interventions for use with your clients' presenting problems.

Empirically supported treatments are those specific treatments that have undergone research and scrutiny and have been shown to be effective in treating certain disorders or conditions. Engaging in evidence-based practice means that you approach your work with a scholar-practitioner mindset. This approach includes seeking to find evidence in the literature or field for treatments and keeping up with the profession in general, understanding and being aware of new information that is emerging, and understanding trends in the field. Evidence-based practice is more of a mindset or general approach to your work, whereas the term empirically supported treatments refers to specific treatment interventions.

Discussion, you explore empirically supported interventions and evidence-based practice and think about how these concepts relate to the APA Ethical Code.

An explanation of how evidence-based practice and empirically supported treatments are related to the APA Ethical Code. Provide examples and cite specific ethical codes to support your response.

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The APA Code of Ethics begins with the preamble and states, "Psychologists are committed to increasing scientific and professional knowledge of behavior and people's understanding of themselves and others..." (1). But just what does this mean? In order for a psychologist to provide services, they must be trained and found to be competent in specific areas within the population and are to provide these services ...

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Discusses how empirically supported treatments are related to APA Code of Ethics.