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The Schopenhauer Cure

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Reflect on your thoughts about the book The Schopenhauer Cure and how you think this book can played a role in your professional career.

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(1) Reflect on your thoughts about the book The Schopenhauer Cure.

The Book "The Schopenhauer cure" explores the problem of living with the 'certainty' of death. As the story is told, psychiatrist and group therapist (Julius Hertzfeld) is struggling with his potential impending death from melanoma cancer. Upon learning that he only has a year to live, he searches for ways to spend his last days on earth. He chooses to contact a former patient, Philip Slate, a man he treated for a sex addiction problem 23 years ago. However, his former patient explains to him that he was not helped by three years of individual psychotherapy with Dr. Hertzfeld. Further, he tells the therapist that he had cured himself by studying the writings of Arthur Schopenhauer (Hafiz, 2005). According to Hafiz, the former patient, who is now a philosophical counselor enters into a contractual agreement with Dr. Hertzfied to participate as a patient in group therapy in exchange for Hertzfeld services as his supervisor. Thus, according to Hafiz, " the group therapy sessions thus become a convenient narrative device in which the characters explore "the dread of death, the pros and cons of Zen-like detachment from desire, the ...

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This solution explains the Schopenhauer cure and how it may play a role in professional careers.

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