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Inappropriate Statements in Sexuality Counseling

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Can you give me an example of a statement that a sexuality counselor could make in a counseling session that a client might interpret as inappropriate or offensive and explain why? Then explain when, if ever, it might be appropriate to use slang in sexuality counseling sessions.

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This solution provides an example of an inappropriate or offensive statement made by a sexuality counselor during a session with a client. Then, it describes why the client may interepret it as offensive. It also explains why use of slang terms is inappropriate in sexuality counseling sessions.

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There are many ways that a sexuality counselor can inadvertently make an inappropriate and/or offensive statement to their client. For example, a young man expresses to the sex counselor that he has been questioning his sexual orientation and he believes he may be gay. The counselor responds by saying "You're a good looking guy. You can have any woman you want. Why would you ...

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