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    An Alternative Treatment Design

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    Provide a brief overview of an alternative treatment design and discuss its use in behavior modification research. In addition, discuss what types of situations the design would work best for or not work for.

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    Alternative Treatment therapy can be described as a health treatment that is not classified as a standard practice. Alternative therapies include a wide range of activities that range from diet and exercise to mental conditioning and lifestyle changes (Medicinenet.com). An alternative treatment is proposed to treat PTSD as an alternative to cognitive approaches. Exposure therapy is designed to facilitate the confrontation of the feared object, situation, and/or image that maintains the disorder. Based on this form of therapy, exposure facilitates symptoms reduction by allowing the client to realize that contrary to their mistaken beliefs "being in a safe situation that is reminiscent of the trauma but one that is not dangerous". Based on Exposure therapy, remembering the trauma is not the same as experiencing. Therefore, the anxiety does not remain in the presence of fear-related cues upon repeated exposures. Instead it diminishes the symptoms anxiety, and the ...