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    Identifying a Research Plan

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    Attached to this post is a Research Plan Overview. After reading the Research Plan Overview, locate a published research study (either quantitative or qualitative). Please state the name of the study. While reading your chosen study, locate the elements in the study that correlate with a standard research plan that is attached to this posted question.

    Understanding the contextual information leading to a study is critical. NOTE: Not all of the different parts of the research plan may be included in your research article; please point this out in your response.
    In your response, specify the elements (parts) of the research write-up, indicating those parts being the same as the research plan (per the Research Plan attachment), and those being different.

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    National Criminal Justice -Drug Abuse Treatment Studies

    1. Introduction - This portion of the research write up is the same as the research plan, and explains the problem, the need for this program, and the plan for change.

    2. The recent writeup explains the problem in detail, which is synonymous with the research plan as well.

    3. This research differs from the research plan, due to the fact that it sought to test drug ...