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    American Politics

    Various State and local government questions.

    1. Do you think as a legislature, would you be a delegate or trustee? Explain. 2. Do you think non-partisan commissions should handle reapportionment? 3. Why do you believe that competition in legislature elections is declining?

    Political Power Paper

    Which theory best explains who has political power in American politics:pluralism, power elite (Four Networks) or a combination of both? In other words, can people influence decision by voting in elections and participating in interest groups (Pluralism), or do you have to be a member of the power elite (a leader in one of t

    4-5 page thesis paper using apa format on electoral college

    Research the history of the Electoral College and find specific evidence that either proves or disproves the following statement: the Electoral College is a more effective system for electing a president than a popular vote would be. I need help getting started on this problem. I have a terrible time getting my thiesis statement

    National Gun Laws

    In 500 words or more: Should the U.S. Supreme Court have allowed the national government to require state and local law enforcement officials to enforce national gun laws? ?Give at least two specific reasons for your view

    Can someone help with assignment and provide citations if any

    (Please Assist) Voting systems comparison Consider two of these systems: Simple majority rule. Two thirds majority rule. Compare the differences between the two. Write a one to two page essay describing the benefits of each. Explain which system you prefer, and why: Give at least two specific reasons for your viewp

    Economic Challenges Paper

    I'm having problems finding information on Louisiana health care system. I have to answer these questions, and I can't seem to find what I am looking for. Could you please help me answer them?

    Ideology: Liberalism vs. Conservatism

    The Solution explains the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism answering the following questions - Does ideology really make a difference in the United States today? How does this affect the two-party system?

    Turning the United States into a Parliamentary government

    The Solution provides references, resources and talking points to use in putting together an essay for the topic: Turning the United States into a Parliamentary government. The solution guides th student in putting together, facts, arguments and viewpoints to discuss the following - "Americans believe (at least they are taug

    Policy Making Regarding Reform

    If you were asked to share your thoughts about reform, where would you recommend we focus our efforts? Should we try to change the way citizens participate? Should we change the way institutions operate?

    role of the Bureaucracy

    Identify and explain the role of the Bureaucracy. Why is it considered to be a vital but informal branch of the policy making process?

    Interest groups, money, and democracy

    With money replacing time and membership as key parts of the interest group system, describe the impact on American democracy. Which groups are being negatively affected or left out of the process of interest group influence of policy and policymakers?

    Special Interest Group Participation

    Select an instance in which you (or an acquaintance) have supported or participated in the activity of a special interest group. In a 1050-1400 word paper, address the following questions: a. What special interest did the group represent, and what were its primary demographic targets? b. How did the group encourage

    Reaserch Paper

    1. Are we doing enough to "Americanize" children and immigrants to America? Given that political socialization is the key to sustaining important political virtues and attitudes, should we be doing more to reinforce traditional American political values? Do you think that immigration, or questions about socialization in America,

    Discuss contending theories of causes of Cold War.

    1. Discuss contending theories of causes of Cold War. What are they? Which theory do you find most persuasive, and why?. 2. Describe the long-cycle theory and discuss the possible implications the peaceful end of the Cold War might have on this theory.

    Cite a real-world example how politics impact power.

    Cite real-world examples of how politics impact power: There are endless examples to cite, just read the front page of any newspaper to get some ideas. President Bush is often accused of helping big oil companies, Democrats yield to major union groups like the NEA and AFL-CIO, numerous company Board fights (Disney, e.g.), te

    Trial Juries, Due Process and Civil Rights Movement & Laws

    1. About Trial Juries: a. How are jurors selected? b. How long do they serve? c. Could You be selected? If yes, why? If no, why not? d. What do jurors do during a criminal trial? e. What choices for a verdict to trial juries have? 2. About Due Process: a. Explain what that means in general b. Explain what would be due

    Political Science

    1. List the elements of interest group power. 2. What effect will new technologies have on the influence of interest groups? 3 Why do some seek to limit the influence of interest groups on the political process? 4. Why do the major parties become increasingly moderate as the general election approaches? 5. Contra

    Analysis of the Senate Race

    Analyze Hillary Clinton and John Spencer Senate race: Who will win? Margain of error? Issues in the race? Trends in the Polls?

    Politics and Economy: Problem Set

    FOR ALL QUESTIONS PLEASE REFER to World almanac and book of facts, 2006 New York please include page number from which you have got the info 1. Aside from the 2000 presidential election,identify seven other close ones and the candidates. 2. Who was the Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives between 1891 and 1895:what

    Describing what Thomas Jefferson said

    Thomas Jefferson substituted 'pursuit of happiness' for the word 'property' in the Declaration of Independence, because he and others needed to get the southern states to vote affirmatively on the adoption of the new government as set forth in the Constitution. Assume for a moment that you are Jefferson, would you have done the

    Supreme Court Packing and Senatorial

    I need help finding the correct anwser to the 4 questions below.: Please make sure my anwser are correct. "Court - Packing" refers to: (D?) A. the practice whereby presidents appoint only judges of their own party to the bench B. the occasion when the judges rule on more than the norm C. intimidating judges by filling th

    Judges and the Supreme Court

    Why are some cases not heard by the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court has no police force and a relatively small budget, so where does it get it's power? How does it enforce decisions? What does this quoatation mean, "Judges are just making too much legislation"? From what I understand, judges make decisions regarding legislation

    Discussing Campaign Funding & Spending

    Is it possible to reduce campaign spending? How? If one candidate is spending a fortune, what is the competitor to do? It seems prudent to reduce the time and energy candidates spend on fund raising. But how?

    Political Mandates

    Is it legitimate for a winning presidential nominee to declare he received a "mandate"? What is a mandate? From what I've read, no president has ever been elected with sufficient popular backing to make such a claim.

    What should be the balance of power between the president and Congress?

    What should be the balance of power between the president and Congress? Should Congress just wait for presidential proposals and then debate them, or should Congress take the initiative? And where does the Constitution fit into this? I guess what I want help understanding is who should decide policymaking:Congress, the Constitut

    Foreign Policy Issue

    I have a hard time looking for a contemporary foreign policy issue facing the united states in foreign poicy. Not a reasearch paper, this is a paper that have to due with my views: have to address : what the issue/problem is what critics say about it why i reject critic's views what i would do about it and why i cho