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    Tackling US Foreign Policy

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    I have a hard time looking for a contemporary foreign policy issue facing the united states in foreign poicy. Not a reasearch paper, this is a paper that have to due with my views:

    have to address :
    what the issue/problem is
    what critics say about it
    why i reject critic's views
    what i would do about it and why i chose that route

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    Your question is very broad so I've made a list of possible options, each with some resources, for you to choose from. You can choose a part of a topic, or be really broad and choose a larger issue. The resources are also broad and should provide you with background on what the issue is, and what the critics say. I would keep your comments on the critics views concise. It is very easy to get carried away criticizing someone else's opinions. Pick only a few criticisms of the particular policy, and critique them in turn, with only a few criticisms of your own. Finally, many of the resources offer their suggestions on what to do about US Foreign Policy, and why they would choose that route. By looking at your criticisms and those of the actual policy, you should be able to come up with an alternative, but make sure the two aspects of the paper make sense. Don't suggest something you've just criticized.

    1. The invasion/liberation of Iraq and the War on Terrorism (These can be separated or be part of a larger foreign ...

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    The Solution is a guide in tackling the issue of US foreign Policy. It assists students by providing a comprehensive list of sources on specific subject matter (please see long description) related to US foreign policy.