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    Americanization, Conservatives, Liberals, and Government

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    1. Are we doing enough to "Americanize" children and immigrants to America? Given that political socialization is the key to sustaining important political virtues and attitudes, should we be doing more to reinforce traditional American political values? Do you think that immigration, or questions about socialization in America, pose a threat to a stable American political future? Research two sides to these general questions about political socialization for America's future.

    2. Is America liberal or conservative? Provide arguments supporting either label.

    3. Research arguments for both centralization and decentralization in government. How much centralization is necessarily incompatible with federalism? Is decentralization always necessitated by federalism?

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    1. This depends on what one calls Americanizing. We don't do as we did in years past, such as when my great grandfather was a child and they took his brothers from their Native American family and sent them away to school. We don't always expect our children to be or understand diversity within their schools, and we do not expect them to learn in the same way previous generations have. There are now rules about prayers, moments of silence, the pledge of allegiance, and such, but the rules are made without much evidence of teaching the children why they have those rules and who decided. I don't believe our culture is currently doing a lot to enhance the shared goals and well as the differences between parties. The socialization children get at home, is probably limited to what their parents believe. I know that Civics is not always required and they have taken out a class that taught the differences between Americanism and Communism which could have been expanded to other areas. There ...

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    Separate discussions on different topics in American including the Americanization of children. Other discussions on liberal and conservative influence in United States and if centralization or decentralization is possible under federalism.