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    American Politics

    Why it is Important to Study Public Administration

    •discuss the rationale behind creating new, separate disciplines of public administration and public policy. •Do you believe that all public administrators should matriculate in a Masters in Public Administration program? •What advantages or a disadvantage does this present to those interested in entering the field of

    The Roles and Duties of the Public Administrator

    Write a three-paragraph answer detailing your view of the role of the modern public administrator. What academic training do you think the model public administrator should have? Do you feel that the public administrator's role has been diminished or enlarged in recent years? In what ways do public administrators directly or ind

    Supreme Court decisions that Reflect Religious Beliefs

    Many of those arguing against gay marriage in America use Christian biblical reference as the precedent. Building upon our readings from last week, does the Supreme Court have the right to set mandates based on religious beliefs? How does this challenge the wall of separation? Is the wall of separation already violated by presid

    Federal Rulemaking Review

    http://openregs.com/docs/copeland-rulemaking-process.pdf Using this Congressional Report for members of Congress , write a 5-page memorandum/paper on the topic of rule making. You are a summer intern with Harry Smith, a Congressman from your home district. He has to advise his congressional committee on the impact of inte

    Reagan Presidency Overrated?

    1. Was Ronald Reagan's presidency overrated or underrated. 2. Was his Economic Policies, involvement in the Iran Contra Affair, and involvement in ending The Cold War overrated or underrated. .

    Government and Citizen Reciprocity

    I need your assistance answering the questions below using at least 500 words. 1. Briefly, identify and explain 3 ways that government in the United States affects the lives of citizens. a. b. c. 2. Identify and explain three specific things that citizens can do to maintain or improve the positiv

    Healthcare affairs for Affordable Care Act

    Based on the decision of individual states to fund Medicaid to different levels, how does this policy national wide health care? Should this be centralized rather than positioned at the state level for decisions as to funding levels? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

    Public Policy Initiatives

    I need help in putting together information that I can use and I also need guidance for the structure on two local, state, or national public policy initiatives either recently adopted or in current development. I need to evaluate them for their potential as a possible course project idea with some consideration given to impact

    The American Political Culture

    What changed, if anything, in the American political culture between 2004 and 2012? This was a period that saw the re-election of two very different presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Be sure not just to describe the issues that were important in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 elections, but analyze whether or not there were

    Presidential Powers in Times of Emergency

    a. Describe the legitimate scope of Presidential emergency powers b. Do you believe our current President has over-stepped his authority in the interests of protecting national security? Explain. c. Is it possible we could have a Constitutional Dictator in this country? Explain.

    Modifying the US tax code

    The US tax code should be modified to include a federal tax credit of $10/MWH of wind energy production. Just set up main points, I did some of the work and like to get help to add more info. 1- Support it: **When you assigned to support a proposal, you should prepare an oral presentation with accompanying powerpoint

    Affirmative action historical case analysis

    I have a three page paper on affirmative action to work on this week. I was looking for page on any case that an expert may choose. If you could, please provide a summary of the history and the outcome of the case. Discuss the positives and negatives of affirmative action in general and whether you agree or disagree with the s

    Minnesota Legislative Structure

    Hello, I need some help getting started on this project. It's a slideshow presentation for my PS class. Can someone please help with some bullet points on the following topics regarding MN State politics? I don't need information about all of these topics. - Political party structure/make-up - State election - Campaign proc

    Possibility of domestic terrorism

    1. Discuss the challenges in addressing the possibility of domestic terrorism. Be sure to include comments on preventing, preparing, and responding to domestic terrorism. 2. Are there any types of domestic terrorism that would be more difficult to deal with? Why? 3. What aspects of the American political system make it more or

    Precedents Set By George Washington

    a) Washington created the first Presidential Cabinet. Who was on the cabinet, and what departments did they represent? Who is on the cabinet today, and what departments do they represent? b) Washington was the first President to leave office after two terms. Is that precedent still followed today? Why or why not? c) Wa

    Term Limits

    Explain the arguments for and against term limits.

    Building Capacity by Working with the Support Sector

    Support organizations come in many sizes and shapes - some distribute information or set up peer to peer helping networks. Some support organizations provide financial assistance networks and training programs. These are some of the different types support organizations involved in a social action for change. Describe br

    Federalism and individual states' rights

    While there is certainly disagreement over how Federalism should work, the supremacy clause has been regularly uphelp by the Supreme Court to prove that states cannot use their inherent powers to thwart the intent of federal law. Do you think there are things that are beneficial that the federal government provides to the s

    Federal, Local, and Shared Powers

    Pick one power from each of the categories: Federal, Local, Shared. For each power, is it in the right place? For instance, is there a federal power that should be local or shared? Is there a shared power that should be federal or local? Is there a local power that should be federal or shared?

    Immigration Fallout

    I need help in locating at least three or more current events articles and three or more peer reviewed articles that address immigration at the community, state, and federal level. The articles can be from daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, public policy journals, or business journals. I need to complete a (900 - 1,000

    Opponents of Federalism

    Discuss the following statement: "opponents of federalism argue that it allows special interests to protect positions of privilege and obstructs progress towards national goals"? Provide examples. Define the term "glass ceiling." Provide a brief overview and discussion of the public policy framework aimed at improving gender

    NIMS and ICS

    I need help explaining the functions of NIMS and ICS in a disaster crisis that happened in the past 10 years. What worked and what did not work? As a crisis manager, how would you have conducted the operation differently and why?

    Tinker vs. Des Moines School District Analysis

    Tinker v. Des Moines School District 393 U.S 503 (1969) Argued November 12, 1968 Decided February 24, 1969 I. The District Court recognized that the wearing of an armband for the purpose of expressing certain views is the type of symbolic act that is within the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. As we shall discuss

    Voting Requirements - Photo ID

    There has been a major debate throughout the country over whether or not photo IDs should be required to vote. The following piece is an editorial arguing against the laws requiring photo IDs and, as it is an editorial, is fairly biased. Consider his arguments and post your thoughts: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/05/opinion/

    American Political Culture

    What changed, if anything, in the American political culture in terms of participation in elections between 2008 and 2012?