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Government and Citizen Reciprocity

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I need your assistance answering the questions below using at least 500 words.

1. Briefly, identify and explain 3 ways that government in the United States affects the lives of citizens.




2. Identify and explain three specific things that citizens can do to maintain or improve the positive effects of government in the United States?

a. Political engage citizens



3. The two information sources used to prepare this response were:



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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to be assisting you with some notes today related to the role of government in society. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

To begin, you asked for three examples of the way that the American government affects or impacts the live of its citizenry. While there are quite a few examples one can point to, I can illustrate what is considered to be three of the most primary. Let me put those in number form below:

1) Providing Law and Order - In America, while we are a free country, we are a country of laws. Citizens are free to act and do what they please, in a matter of speaking, providing they do not go outside the boundaries of the law. The government, then, does affect the lives of citizens by providing a sense of law and order in society. Without this function, America would likely, and quickly, descend into chaos. Instead, citizens throughout the country can be reasonably assured that they will be protected and that they will be afforded the opportunities that a free society affords them.
2) Social and Community Services - A second way that the government impacts the lives of citizens is by providing various services that ...

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A discussion about the way that government impacts citizens in America, and what citizens should do to assist the government in making a positive impact as well.