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Immigration Fallout

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I need help in locating at least three or more current events articles and three or more peer reviewed articles that address immigration at the community, state, and federal level. The articles can be from daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, public policy journals, or business journals.

I need to complete a (900 - 1,000 word paper) that analyses the economic and social burden of illegal immigration. To do this, I will need to include the following:
Your essay should contain the following:
1. a clear thesis and introduction,
2. two or more points supporting your position,
3. at least one point of contention,
4. a refutation of each opposing viewpoint,
5. and a conclusion.

What I have done is present my feeling on the matter in hope of find equal references; to support both side of the paper requirements.

I have attached my progress on the matter, for suggestion and ideas on how to complete my task.

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Immigration fallouts are examined. An analysis of the economics and social burden of illegal immigration is determined.