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    Public Policy Initiatives

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    I need help in putting together information that I can use and I also need guidance for the structure on two local, state, or national public policy initiatives either recently adopted or in current development. I need to evaluate them for their potential as a possible course project idea with some consideration given to impact on existing public policy, resources, ethics, and diversity. I need to provide a brief (no more than one paragraph) summary of each policy initiative. I will be performing a cost-benefit analysis and my policy should generate or have for evaluation quantitative data.

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    I have been having issues accessing useable information for you. Seems like my provider is having connection issues with US-housed database. Now, for this task, you are being asked to review public policy initiatives. From the guidance that you have provided in the post, this is not related to any of the work we have done previously. I see that this might be the beginning of another project, so I suggest using this simple outline:

    1. Public Policy Initiatives - what are they? 100 words
    2. Initiative 1:
    a. about - 100 words
    b. summary - 100 words
    c. relevance and status - 100 words
    3. Initiative 2:
    a. about - 100 words
    b. summary - 100 words
    c. relevance and status - 100 words
    4. Data evaluation - 100 words
    5. Cost-Benefit Analysis - 200 words

    I have suggested these two policy initiatives after a long search for what should best fit you. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. All the best with your studies.

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    Public Policy Initiatives Review

    On Public Policy Initiatives

    What is Public Policy Initiatives (PPI)? To understand what they are, it is important to keep in mind what public policies are - a system of action and principles that guide the government and its varied branches and offices, through its executive and administrative branches so that the government re4acts, acts and behaves in a manner consistent to the legal and institutional customs, practices and traditions. Public policies come in the form of laws, legal tenets, and regulatory measures, courses of action funding and actionable priorities in relation to a concern or topic that confronts the government and what it represents. We can therefore see public policy in the myriad of constitutions (state and national) as well as legislative and judicial acts. Academically, public policies are seen not only to be the resulting policies but much refers to the processes that go behind government decision making so that decision-making and analysis of said process also delineates public policy. Public policy both as the result and the process of great concern in politics. It is therefore easy enough to determine with a public policy initiative is - it is a proposed system of action that can become legal and socially-structural so that it can lead to social change and provide solutions to issues and challenges that confront society. Below, I have selected 2 that exemplify PPIs in the United States.

    Initiative 1: Food Deserts (Local - Baltimore)

    To exemplify a working PPI from a local perspective, I have decided to present the current and actively promulgated PPI of great concern to the city of Baltimore, Maryland - known as The Baltimore Food Policy Initiative'. The city's Office of Sustainability under the Department of ...

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