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Federalism and individual states' rights

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While there is certainly disagreement over how Federalism should work, the supremacy clause has been regularly uphelp by the Supreme Court to prove that states cannot use their inherent powers to thwart the intent of federal law.

Do you think there are things that are beneficial that the federal government provides to the states?

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Here we look through the goods that a federal government can provide to the states, including a focus on national security and other "collective goods."

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There are some things that are provided by the federal government that are seen as being beneficial and that cannot be provided by the states themselves:

1. National security: while the states provided militias and their own guards during colonial times, protection of the entire country is better organized from a central source, including its funding, direction, and strategy. Some may take exception to this, saying that it was the centralization of military power that has led to a century of war and intervention - however, for defense, it is better to have an organized militia at the country level rather than several disparate state militias with different procedures and ...

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