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American Politics

Centralized or Decentralized Government

Please help with the following problem regarding American politics. One of the differences between Texas and other states concerns federalism. While some Americans are more comfortable with more power in the federal government, many Texans prefer leaving power to state and local governments. We will see evidence of this pref

Discussing "And We Are Not Saved" by Derrick Bell

Please help me write a two page paper discussing "And We Are Not Saved" by Derrick Bell. Specifically, I must discuss the main points discussed by Bell. For example, this book was written in 1986, are any of the points raised by Bell still relevant?

First Two Branches of Government Public Opinions

As we have seen, the first two branches of government are clearly, by design, very much beholden to public opinion. Yet the courts, particularly the federal courts, are quite different. The Constitution's Article III contains several attempts to shield the courts from public opinion. In a nation where public opinion is a powerfu

Cynicism Regarding Bureaucracies

News media outlets regularly report on incidents in which bureaucracies engage in corrupt practices, waste funds, enforce seemingly pointless regulations and employ incompetent workers. In some cases bureaucracies fail to perform essential tasks. Not surprisingly, as a result of such coverage, Americans have very low opinions of

Public Use for Profit

The Supreme Court, in the case of Kelo v. The City of New London (Top 25 cases, #12 in Unit 5), ruled in June 2005 that local governments may force property owners to sell out and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public, even if the property is not blighted and the new project'

Public opinion polling

Explain how public opinion polling are used to help candidates win elections in the American government.

Eisenhower Years 1942-45

Evaluate/Summarize two of Eisenhowers' strategic decisions during World War II. Choose the first strategic decision when he was in command of the Mediterranean Theater in 1942-43, and the second when he was serving as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

The Supreme Court and its Responsibilities

The Constitution is rather vague about the make-up, size, and responsibility of the Supreme Court. How has the Supreme Court evolved over its history? What do you think the Court's role will be in the future? I would like to have a couple references to check out with this. I have to examine the historical development of the b

The Effects of US Congress Legislation on Hate Crimes

I am working on a masters-level research proposal regarding US Congress legislation on hate crimes, and how it has failed to decrease the amount of hate crimes against homosexuals and lesbians. I have not been successful in locating "empirical research" regarding the above. Would you kindly point me in the right direction in bei

Loose Organizational Structures

A key feature of social movements is their loose organization. Discuss the key advantages and disadvantages of loose organizational structures.

Consequential International Court Cases

Find an international court case that has occured in the last five years. The case must have implications across at least two states (countries). Give an synopsis of the case 2/3 pargraphs and then discuss the type of law used in the case, the type of court system the case was tried in, and in your opinion, weather the outcome w

Defining Political Systems

Describe the different party systems, political parties, and party leaders of the political systems. What factors contribute to the election or appointment of the leaders and officials of the different systems and parties?

Evolution of political parties in the United States

I have to research the evolution of political parties in the United States. I need assistance in creating a timeline that illustrates the poltical party system in the US, beginning with the American Revolution, including the original American political parties, their name changes, time frame changes, and whether these parties l

Education and Technological Innovation

Do you agree with Shively that education and technological innovation are the two factors that will help address three of the primary economic problems facing states today: unemployment, inflation, and creating sustained economic growth?

Justice and effectiveness in state policy

Discuss why justice and effectiveness are important when discussing state policy. Explain what problems can occur if a policy is only looked at from a just point of view. Explain what problems occur when judging a policy's effectiveness.

Child Welfare in Texas and California

Choose a particular policy: defense, education, research and development, health and social welfare, income redistribution, or economic development. Compare and contrast this policy within two different, modern states.

Changes that could be made to U.S. military training, education, and assignments

Given today's complex security environment, 1) multinational operations, 2) interagency coordination, and 3) civil-military operations are now the norm. Please see the attached file to obtain some concrete ideas. What are some changes that could be made to U.S. military training, education and assignments (or any other part

President's Role in Foreign and Domestic Policy

Describe the two different key leadership roles that the president plays in foreign policy and domestic policy. When did these roles evolve as part of the presidency? Historically, what are some of the theories against these two different roles?

Rise of Internet

Discuss how the rise of cable and the internet have completely changed the ways that citizens gain their news and how the system has had to adapt to stay competitive.

Political Job Ranking: Politics

If you sought power and were offered one of these jobs, how would you rank them from best to worst? and why? - Supreme Court justice - House of Representatives, major committee chair. - House Speaker - House minority leader - new House member - Senate majority leader - Senate minority leader - Important Senate committee

The Affordable Care Act

Discuss the nature of the interaction between the House and Senate during the development and passage of the Affordable Care Act. What are the calculations that each chamber's leaders made? Why did each chamber's leaders act as they did? What are the different constraints under which each chamber operates?

Social welfare

Discuss the philosophical positives and negatives in relation to the government's role in social welfare. Include examples of social insurance and public assistance programs, and explain the differences between the two.