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Consequential International Court Cases

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Find an international court case that has occured in the last five years. The case must have implications across at least two states (countries). Give an synopsis of the case 2/3 pargraphs and then discuss the type of law used in the case, the type of court system the case was tried in, and in your opinion, weather the outcome would have been different if brought to trial in another state(s). Include in your paper whether the power in place has influence over the verdict, and how the releations between the states involved influenced the verdict.

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The consequences of international court cases are determined. How the relations between the states involved influenced the verdict are determined.

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I outlined the general information needed to answer this question. A brief few paragraphs each about the Serbian War, the ethnic cleansing of the Albanians, and the power of the UN in matters of international justice and specifically in relation to the UN decisions about Kosovo during the war should complete your word count and you can focus on the aspects you find most important in the ruling. I also included a few sites for you to read about the court and decision.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) was called upon to decide the legality of the independence of Kosovo. The complaint was filed by Serbia in February of 2008. The interesting aspects include the unilateral decision of Kosovo to declare itself independent and that the ICJ was to judge whether it was legal. This was a first for the Court, deciding on the legality of a proclamation of a territory of an United Nations member without the member's consent. There was also a precedence to be set in any decision made by the court for other such lawsuits and complaints presented.

Kosovo's Assembly voted on February 17, 2008 to declare their independence from Serbia. While not the first such declaration from the Assembly, the Albanian enclave of Serbia, the Serbians immediately asked for a ruling ...

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