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Eisenhower Years 1942-45

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Evaluate/Summarize two of Eisenhowers' strategic decisions during World War II. Choose the first strategic decision when he was in command of the Mediterranean Theater in 1942-43, and the second when he was serving as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

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There are many ways we can approach this.

Insofar as the Mediterranean Theater is concerned, we can talk about the invasion of Sicily. The point here was to eliminate Italy and take a chunk of Europe before doing much in the Pacific. His basic philosophy was "Europe first," that is, hit Hitler and allies before moving in the Pacific.

North Africa was huge. Eisenhower was meant to hit Rommel's forces in Tunisia, while the British fought in Egypt. Since Tunisia was so strategic (almost a bridge with Europe), getting that under allied control would cede dominance over the Mediterranean Sea.

This is connected to D-Day, of course. The point here is similar - hit Germany from two points, while his best men were ground to nothing in Russia.

To some extent, he was following the desires of Jozef Stalin, who wanted at least one more front against Germany. Keep in mind that, at all times, Hitler's best men were in Russia. Once the Afrika Korps was eliminated, the bulk of Hitler's forces were in the Soviet Union.

D-Day was meant to bottle the Germans in France. It was ...

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The expert evaluates and summarizes two of Eisenhowers' strategic decisions during World War II. The supreme allied commander in Europe is determined.