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    American Politics

    2004 Democratic Primary Re Competitiveness

    Our study group has one more question regarding the 2004 Democratic Primary- Was it competitive throughout the entire process and perhaps the bigger issue is why was or wasn't it competitive this year?

    2004 Democratic Primary Race

    Hi- our study group is having a big dispute and we'd like someone to settle our dispute who is really smart about the 2004 Democratic Primary Race...as 3 of the 5 members of our group have differing opinions...please settle this question: there were 11 days which had primaries or caucuses...how many states held a primary or cau

    John Kerry delegates

    Sure need some help with dates on John Kerry. Does anyone know the date that John Kerry had compiled enough delegate votes to win the nomination...and...what date had the last opponent to Kerry dropped out of the race? Thanks in advance for helping our study group.

    2004 Democratic Primary

    Hello - I know the Democratic Primary Race began with 10 candidates. Could you tell me: (a) when each (aside from Kerry) dropped out? (b)How many primaries or caucuses they each had competed in? And (c) how many delegates had they each won by that point? Thanks for helping!

    Information regarding the US 2004 Democratic Primary Race

    I'm having trouble finding out some information regarding the Democratic Primary 2004. I know the race began with 10 candidates...when did each drop out and how many primaries/caucuses had they competed in and how many delegates had they won by that point in time? If anyone has a website that contains this information for me,

    Medical Malpractice Crisis

    Using at least one source, comment at least 600 words on the following: Medical Malpractice Crisis: The use of defensive medicine. example: what is it? Whats the problem with it? How does it contribute to the medical malpractice crisis? These are just examples. You are free to write whatever you feel like, so long as i

    Discussion dispute over President's role

    My study group and I are having a dispute (friendly but heated) over the role a President of the United States plays in the citizens life. Most of the group are very liberal minded and believe a President should make you feel "warm + fuzzy" over your present survival, security, social affiliation, esteem, and self actualization

    US Secret Service: Under What Office?

    I believe that a U.S. Secret Service Agent is classified as part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Initially they were part of the U.S. Treasury Dept. and today are classified under the Dept of Homeland Defense. Is this correct?

    US citizens responsibilities

    HELLO: So often we hear about the rights of being a citizen...and the flip side of what we can do.. is what a person cannot do. So the question I have is this: As a United States citizen...what intrinsic responsibilities does a person have as a citizen and why is it intrinsic?

    Analysis of the 2004 political election

    I was wondering if someone could help me with the direction of the following quesiton for my political science project: Outline the positions of all declared candidates for the presidency of 2004. Include the Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Green Party, and any other declared candidats. Include their positions

    Political parties

    What are the differences in the functions of the party-in-government, the part-in-electorate, and the party-in-organization?