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Intrinsic responsibilities of a United States Citizen

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HELLO: So often we hear about the rights of being a citizen...and the flip side of what we can do.. is what a person cannot do. So the question I have is this:

As a United States citizen...what intrinsic responsibilities does a person have as a citizen and why is it intrinsic?

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This solution examines what intrinsic responsibilities a person has as a US citizen and why these responsibilities are intrinsic.

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you have asked about the intrinsic responsibilities of a US citizen. The following article, taken from: http://members.fortunecity.com/sartre65/RULES/id17.html, explains your question from an American perspective. Note the social responsibilities such as Tolerance and Diversity. These are the precursers to much wider social responsibilities that sometimes get lost in a society driven by money and personal success.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.
- George Bernard Shaw

What is the Responsibility of a Citizen?

So many word have been written about duty, obligation and purpose that the individual has towards his society and government, that few people are able to recognize the correct perspective between and among all these relationships. We are told from a very early age that each citizen IS an American. But what does that idea, mean? Is he free to accept this invitation or must he be obliged to follow the dictates of those who bestow this mantel upon him? Obviously, anyone can reject this membership, but the real issue is just what kind of responsibility and obligation, does each person has for his neighbor?

Those who wish to direct accepted behavior upon the uninitiative, usually seek to mold an order that serves the interests of certain factions. Seldom are people encouraged to seek a culture of activity that is contrary to the existing order! For those who are in a position of influence and authority, wish to bring others around to accept the so called wisdom of their experience and knowledge. And that rarely contradicts the roles that different segments of society are designed to ...

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