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5 important historical aspects of Colonial United States

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Hello, I have an "end of chapter challenge question" that isn't found in the text but I'd like to know the answer to satisfy my own curiosity...

List 5 important historical aspects of the United States from Colonial times to the adoption of the Constitution.

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List 5 important historical aspects of the United States from Colonial times to the adoption of the Constitution.

This question can indeed be looked at from many viewpoints, so it is not surprising that it is a little confusing to you. I believe that the question is generally targeting the ideals, hopes and values that the people of the various colonies were developing in the early period of American history. For that, you should try to put yourself in the place of a person who would be living at the time, and try to forget for the moment everything that has happened since - because if we do that with the wisdom of hindsight then we tend to inject into their lives things that they would not have thought about.

Here are what I believe to be five things that thinking people of the period would have regarded as being important to them from an historical point of view.

1. Independence from Britain and security from colonisation from other European powers.

This was a ...

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This answers the question of what some of the main historical features of colonial US history were in terms of the demands on and by US citizens in this early period. (700 words)

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