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    The role the US President plays in a citizen's life

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    My study group and I are having a dispute (friendly but heated) over the role a President of the United States plays in the citizens life. Most of the group are very liberal minded and believe a President should make you feel "warm + fuzzy" over your present survival, security, social affiliation, esteem, and self actualization...and that you achieve all that you can be. I think that's bunk. I think that is up to the individual. I'm not a political science person...so if anyone is knowledgeable in this area, could you please give me your feedback and thoughts. Are they right or am I?

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    The "Warm and Fuzzy" argument does not hold water from a constitutional standpoint. This is more of an idealized concept of the role of the US President. The president's role is executive in nature along with his role as the commander in chief of the army and navy. "He shall have the power to make treaties--provided two-thirds of the Senate agrees. He shall appoint ambassadors, Supreme Court justices, and other officials--"by and ...

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    This solution discusses the extent to which the President of the United States, in his role as a public head of state, affects the present survival, security, social affiliation, esteem, and self actualization of individual US citizens.