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    fiscal administration

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    Develop a time line representing the development of public fiscal administration and related key public finance developments in the United States.

    Provide supporting points to justify your time line.

    Analyze the interrelationship of the politics and processes inherent in public budgeting and finance.

    Summarize your opinions on how these events and politics could potentially affect your professional role in the processes of public budgeting and finance

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    Step 1
    Supporting points to timeline are that the appointment of Alexander Hamilton as the Secretary of the Treasury was important because he developed the structure of the government and the function of the cabinet. He developed the responsibilities of the Department of Treasury.

    The timeline gives the creation of the First Bank of the US, the Second Bank of the US, and Independent Treasury System. These were milestones that led to the development of the central banking system in the US and finally the creation of the Federal Reserve as we have today. The New Deal was President Roosevelt's action to ameliorate the condition of workers after the Great Depression. The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 also tried to prevent the recurrence of the Great Depression. The Employment Act of 1946 was enacted to prevent the economy from plunging into another depression. The 1971 ...

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