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American Politics

Unmaking the terrorist

How do we un-make terrorists? Should we try? They all can't be converted to informants. For the sake of this discussion, assume that some can re-enter society no longer as threats. Not everyone who becomes a terrorist remains one. Given that reality, what then shall we do to best transform them into non-perpetrators of terro

James Madison

Essay Question 1. If James Madison were alive today, what, if any, criticisms do you think he would have with a particular issue (that you've selected) in the American Political System today? Question 2. Drawing on examples and theories from the readings, describe different power struggles that occur within various sec

Robert Dahl article review

In Robert Dahl's article, "James Madison Republican or Democrat," Dahl gives interpretations and insight on 4 questions that Madison "regularly sought" to answer: 1) What is the new system of government to be called?; 2) Does a common good exist and, if so, can we know what it is?; 3) What are the major threats to achieving the

Influence of Wealth and Power in the United States

1- Do you think it might make a difference if individual citizens understood the distribution and concentration of wealth, power, and influence in the United States? What difference would it make and why? 2- How has your view of the influence of wealth and power in the United States? How important to you is this change?

policy making process

I need help for writing the following essays. Each question needs to be responded to in an organized, 500-word essay. Therefore, there will be two different 500-word essays with at least two reference sources for each one. Cite the resources used using APA format. Try to paraphrase mainly and use direct quotes sparingly. The ess

Government and bureaucracy

1. Examine the historical development of the bureaucracy, emphasizing how it has grown over time. Relate your findings to the changing nature of federalism over time. 2. Many people feel that the American government is out of touch with its public. Look at the branches of government and analyze this statement.

Political help

First, identify at least one aspect of the U.S. government's response to the economic crisis first discovered in 2009 that reflects rational choice behavior on the part of the Obama administration. Second, identify at least one aspect of the Obama administration's response to the economic crisis SINCE 2009 that reflects Lin

Politics and campaign leadership

1. What is the relationship between a president's leadership style in office and his/her campaign style? Explain your answer. 2. Many people feel that there is room for improvement in the area of campaign finance spending. What is the current status of campaign finance reform? Is reform a realistic expectation of the America

House and Senate differences

I would also like to better understand significant differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate. How do these differences affect how each house operates?

Poloitic questions

1- In your opinion, who has political power in the United States? Who lacks it? Why? 2- Throughout the history of the United States, individuals and groups with limited power have garnered enough influence to bring about significant changes. Do you feel that is still possible? Why or why not 200 Word please on each one wit

Discrepency re: Pre-Requisite & Conditions POTUS

I have another concern/enquiry regarding the Consitution's mandatory requirement re: eligibility for PROTUS. It states that the individual must be a natural born citizen but then states that the elected candidate must have a residency of 14 years. Wy this contradiction? This seems a bit vague!?

American Politics

In an effort to understand our forefathers intent, what might our country have been like without the Ant-Federalist additions to our Constitution? I'm a little vague as to how this impacted our current government. Please help! I know understanding our government system is crucial, and I want to truly comprehend this vi

American foreign policy during the Iraq war (2003-2004)

I would need some research upon the public opinion in the USA regarding the Iraq war between 2003-2004. Based on weather the US public was casualty phobic or defeat phobic based on researches made by Gelpi and Feaver and also contradicting Mueller, through poles made by CNN, CBN and Gallup or Pew research. Also what importance t

1. Discuss two different definitions of a "nation". 2. Discuss the problems with those definitions of "nation" (from question 1) and provide examples that prove each of those definitions are faulty. 3. Explain the elite theory of democracy and its criticisms of egalitarian democracy. 4. Compare Thomas Hobbes' and John Locke's conceptions of liberty.

2. Discuss the problems with those definitions of "nation" (from question 1) and provide examples that prove each of those definitions are faulty. a. Many times, a people group will live on both sides of an international border. They may consider themselves members of the same nation though they live in separate geopolitica

Mead's Four Schools of US Foreign Policy

From the Mead's Four Schools of US Foreign Policy, which school can explain Obama's foreign policy and the Obama's approach to the egypt issue? The Hamiltonian, Wilsonian, Jeffersonian, or the Jacksonian school? If possible, please give examples to better understand your response.


Is unconventional participation a natural right of citizens in a democracy? Does it have equal legitimacy with conventional activity, or should unconventional political behavior be limited so special circumstances? If you agree with the latter point of view, explain what circumstances justify this sort of action. Is violent poli

Civil Liberties

Are there some civil liberties that people should be prepared to give up in times of war?

Help with essay about the democracy

Need help getting started with the following assignment. 1) Chapter one from Edward Greengberg's book "The struggle for Democracy." 2) Chapter 2 from Michael Parenti's book "Democracy for the few." 3) Chapter 1 from Michael Moore's book "Stupid white men and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation." Then you

Dimaggio's Media Review

What does Dimaggio mean when he refers to worthy and unworthy victims? why is this distinction important? In answering these questions, you should refer to multiple examples of the distinction. From book - 'When Media Goes to War', Anthony Dimaggio

The Culture Struggle

According to parenti, what's wrong with culturalist explanations? From the book- Parenti's The Culture Struggle

Government Questions

1. What are some of the historical events that shaped the formation of the U.S. federal government? Select one event you think had a major effect on the federal government. How does this event affect Americans today? 2. Who were some of the early philosophical contributors to American government? How did their ideas help shap

The Presidency and Lawmaking

Given what you now know about how Congress works and how a bill is passed, what do you think the likelihood of success will be for President Obama to implement his agenda? In retrospect, can you identify past presidents and how well they were in implementing their agenda? Please stay out of the politics and use the PROCESS of im

The Public Graded Federal Bureaucracies

The Public Graded Federal Bureaucracies What specific items ought to be listed on a report card that is used to evaluate a federal bureaucracy? Which agencies or departments do you think would get the worst grades?