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    American Politics

    Collecting Financial Contributions to Political Parties

    Discuss the ways that political parties and candidates are able to gain contributions. Considering this, what are some of the debates over how it is obtained and if there should be stronger limitations. Make a case for one side or show the pros and cons of each.

    In Hudson's book

    With regards to stem cell research and radical individualism, would you argue that radical individuals would support stem cell research or not?

    Explaining Federalism

    Explain what Federalism is, what powers that it has in both state and federal realms, and some of the arguments surrounding its use.

    The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

    This paper will be a revised and expanded version of the first research paper. Based on your feed back, you will first revise the first paper. Then you will add three-to-four (3) new pages that address the following: Summarize events between the U.S. and at least one (1) of the countries you wrote about in the first paper si

    President Jimmy Carter Doctrine

    Summarize a situation that required U.S. diplomatic efforts during the president's time in office.Explicate the diplomatic doctrine with reference to specific actions or events that occurred.describing the effects of these diplomatic efforts for the U.S. and other countries.Assess, in conclusion, the advantages and disadva

    The 2nd Amendment

    Dear OTA, I'm struggling with government and need an educated opinion regarding the Second Amendment and whether or not its undergone the Incorporation process? If it has, could you please explain why or why not? Thank you, aspiring anthropologist


    Describe what is meant by the observation made by Vincent Ostrom, Indiana University professor (and husband of 2010 Nobel Prize co-winner in Economics, Elinor Ostrom): Theory without practice is fantasy but practice without theory is blind.

    Homeland Security Policy

    1) What did the 9-11 Commission recommend in terms of changes to the intelligence community (IC)? 2) If the crux of counter terrorism involves information sharing among all levels of government, do the reform recommendations of the 9-11 Commission enacted into law adequately address the structure of intelligence gathering?

    Patterns of Political Participation.

    Describe, compare, and contrast popular participation in American political life in Tocqueville's time (the 1830s) and today. Note that participation may take the form of membership and activity in groups, involvement in parties and campaigns, voting, and more.

    Issues in Government

    Dear OTA, In recent years I know there has been a push to make the federal courts more diverse. This is hard to fathom, and I would like someone's opinion regading this possbility. I know that President Obama is attempting to promote this radification, so what are some of the factors that he should consider as he prese

    Political Help

    Evaluate the power of the of President Obama in light of Leif Ellington's book review of noted presidential scholar Richard Neudstadt's classic study Presidential Power. What does Neustadt regard as the primary ingredients of presidential power and based on these ingredients can President Barack Obama be described as a powerful

    Unmaking the terrorist

    How do we un-make terrorists? Should we try? They all can't be converted to informants. For the sake of this discussion, assume that some can re-enter society no longer as threats. Not everyone who becomes a terrorist remains one. Given that reality, what then shall we do to best transform them into non-perpetrators of terro

    James Madison

    Essay Question 1. If James Madison were alive today, what, if any, criticisms do you think he would have with a particular issue (that you've selected) in the American Political System today? Question 2. Drawing on examples and theories from the readings, describe different power struggles that occur within various sec

    Robert Dahl article review

    In Robert Dahl's article, "James Madison Republican or Democrat," Dahl gives interpretations and insight on 4 questions that Madison "regularly sought" to answer: 1) What is the new system of government to be called?; 2) Does a common good exist and, if so, can we know what it is?; 3) What are the major threats to achieving the

    Political action committees (PAC)

    Select a political action committee (PAC). How is it funded? What political candidates does it support? Evaluate whether the PAC appears influential.

    Influence of Wealth and Power in the United States

    1- Do you think it might make a difference if individual citizens understood the distribution and concentration of wealth, power, and influence in the United States? What difference would it make and why? 2- How has your view of the influence of wealth and power in the United States? How important to you is this change?

    policy making process

    I need help for writing the following essays. Each question needs to be responded to in an organized, 500-word essay. Therefore, there will be two different 500-word essays with at least two reference sources for each one. Cite the resources used using APA format. Try to paraphrase mainly and use direct quotes sparingly. The ess

    Government and bureaucracy

    1. Examine the historical development of the bureaucracy, emphasizing how it has grown over time. Relate your findings to the changing nature of federalism over time. 2. Many people feel that the American government is out of touch with its public. Look at the branches of government and analyze this statement.

    Political help

    First, identify at least one aspect of the U.S. government's response to the economic crisis first discovered in 2009 that reflects rational choice behavior on the part of the Obama administration. Second, identify at least one aspect of the Obama administration's response to the economic crisis SINCE 2009 that reflects Lin

    Politics and campaign leadership

    1. What is the relationship between a president's leadership style in office and his/her campaign style? Explain your answer. 2. Many people feel that there is room for improvement in the area of campaign finance spending. What is the current status of campaign finance reform? Is reform a realistic expectation of the America

    House and Senate differences

    I would also like to better understand significant differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate. How do these differences affect how each house operates?

    Poloitic questions

    1- In your opinion, who has political power in the United States? Who lacks it? Why? 2- Throughout the history of the United States, individuals and groups with limited power have garnered enough influence to bring about significant changes. Do you feel that is still possible? Why or why not 200 Word please on each one wit

    Discrepency re: Pre-Requisite & Conditions POTUS

    I have another concern/enquiry regarding the Consitution's mandatory requirement re: eligibility for PROTUS. It states that the individual must be a natural born citizen but then states that the elected candidate must have a residency of 14 years. Wy this contradiction? This seems a bit vague!?

    American Politics

    In an effort to understand our forefathers intent, what might our country have been like without the Ant-Federalist additions to our Constitution? I'm a little vague as to how this impacted our current government. Please help! I know understanding our government system is crucial, and I want to truly comprehend this vi