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James Madison

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1. If James Madison were alive today, what, if any, criticisms do you think he would have with a particular issue (that you've selected) in the American Political System today?
2. Drawing on examples and theories from the readings, describe different power struggles that occur within various sectors of government. How do these struggles correlate with events, policy areas and/or other power struggles that are occurring within the American Political System today?

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1. So first you have to select an issue in the American political system today. Lets go with an easy one that we know James Madison would have a field day with: factions (political action committees or special interest groups)
A. James Madison knew that factions were inevitable but also believed they could possibly lead to the demise of a democratically run governmental system. Madison described factions as "groups of citizens, with interests contrary to the rights of others or the interests of the whole" (federalist paper #10). These clearly exist today, and definitely threaten or try to threaten our governmental process. It's been so ...

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