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    Factions and The United States Government

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    In Federalist #10, Madison discusses factions. According to Madison, what is a faction and what remedies does he offer to deal with it? How well, in your opinion, have our political leaders followed his advice?

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    The Federalist paper #10 was really a logical continuation of Federalist paper #9 where Alexander Hamilton discusses the composition of and its functions in the paper Hamilton states:

    "The utility of a Confederacy, as well to suppress faction and to guard the internal tranquility of States, as to increase their external force and security, is in reality not a new idea." (Hamilton, Federalist Paper #9)

    Having identified the continuation of Hamilton's treatise on factions let's look at the difference between the two types of government he is discussing in these papers.

    The United States is a Federalist government and is marked by a strong central government which shares powers equally with the unified states within its body. Some examples of the extent of political powers of a federal government are it can negotiate treaties with other countries and set foreign policy and print money; whereas state and local authorities cannot. However, state governments have the power to set and enforce driving laws, gun laws, drug laws, and other laws peculiar to the state's ...

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    The question is did James Madison and the other founding fathers approve of factions within our political system or should all citizens have the same interests and desires and would it make government more efficient?