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James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist papers

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James Madison and Alexander Hamilton - what they said about the Federalist papers.

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This solution offers some detailed and step by step assistance with writing a paper about James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and what they said in the Federalist papers.

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First, you need to structure your essay so you can visualize what you are going to write. The following technique can be applied to almost any type of essay, regardless of subject area (e.g. History, English, Geography Political Science etc.).

Before you begin to write your essay, in order to structure your thoughts properly you should write an essay plan. Your essay plan should look like this:

1. Introduction

In the introduction, you are showing the reader (usually your professor or teacher) that you have understood the question by stating:

-->What it is asking;
-->What are the main issues involved;
-->What your essay is going to concentrate on;

You must state these things as directly and as clearly as possible in your introduction.

For your essay question, you are being asked (at least this is how it is presented in your posting) to analyze comments made by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton in the ...

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