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The English Magana Carta

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Citing specific evidence from the Magna Carta , was the Magna Carta a revolutionary document?

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The Magna Carta: A Revolutionary Document?

American founding fathers point to the charter of the Magna Carta as their inspiration in taking up the revolutionary movement that resulted to American Independence from Great Britain. The Magna Carta or the Great Charter is 'a document created for the purpose of limiting the powers of the monarch and preserving the basic legal rights of all free men in England. It was made after a rebellion in 1215 against King John of England, a corrupt, absolute monarch who angered all those under the influence of his power. The Barons, rich land owners and direct vassals of the King, would no longer tolerate the abuses of power conducted under John's reign, and demanded a change in government. John was forced to meet with them at Runnymede on June 15, 1215. There the Barons proposed the Magna Carta, a document similar to, as well as an ancestor of, the Bill of Rights...the King gave in to the ...

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