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    Insight into King John.

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    Was King John a good or bad king and how was he unlucky?

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    King John has gone down in history as a 'bad' king. The story of King John is a story of failure - he was the last of the Angevin kings, the one who failed to hold onto his territory in western France, lost his crown and many valuables in East Anglia, drove his subjects to impose the Magna Carta, and almost lost the Kingdom of England. The popular image of John is of a classically bad king: a scheming, untrustworthy coward consumed by greed, whose rapaciousness drove his subjects to impose their will upon him. His acts of apparent cruelty are well documented. He hanged 28 hostages, the sons of rebel Welsh Chieftains in 1212 and starved to death William de Braose's wife and son in a royal prison.

    In 1185 Henry II sent ...

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    The solution discusses whether King John was a good or bad king and how was he unlucky.