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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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Hi-1st semester, year 1-For Latin American Spanish, please translate in the Preterito tense:
IR verbs:
2) She suffered a lot.
3) We lived in the United States.
4) You (f) wrote a lot of letters.
5) The child admitted everything.
13) I received gifts for my birthday.
ER verbs
1) I learned yesterday.
2) You drank milk last night.
3) She drank.
11) You (all) owed the money.
12) A man broke the window.
7) They sold the cow.
AR verbs:
6) I loved Sarah.
4) We washed the dishes
7) You (f) wrote a letter.
9) We didn't touch those windows.
13) They spoke with the professor last Monday.
10) They sold the car.

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Solution Summary

A list of sentences translated from English to Spanish in past tense, as part of a First Semester exercise.

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She suffered a lot - Ella sufrió mucho
We lived in the United States - Nosotros vivimos en los Estados Unidos
You wrote a lot of letters - (Tu) escribiste muchas cartas
The child admitted everything - El pequeà±o admitió ...

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