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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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How do you say
I am going
I will be going
They are going
to bed using acostarse?

Spanish translation:
The tree is dead but it is still green.
I am tired but I have to study.
Because I like to play sports I go on Saturdays to play tennis.
I like to sleep and eat on the weekend.
In the spring I like to be outside because it is cool.
I like to open my house because it is sunny.
In the winter in Chicago it is very cold and windy.
In the summer the weather is nice; I go to the lake.

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I am going - Estoy yendo (a acostarme / a dormir)
I will be going - Ire / Voy a ir (a acostarme / a dormir)
They are going - Ellos van (a acostarse / a dormir)

The tree is dead but it is still green - El ...

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A list of sentences translated from English to Spanish, as part of a First Semester exercise.

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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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