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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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Creo que mi madre es muy bonita. I think my Mother is very pretty.
Yo conozco con Tony Danza. I know Tony Danza.
Tū sabes que comes. You know how to eat
Mi padre tiene ojos de azules. My father has blue eyes.
Sabemos yo tengo pelo negro, pero my pelo es rubio. They think I have black hair but my hair is blonde.
Ēl tiene pelo rubio y ojos de azules. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
Mi hermano tiene dos nińos. My bother has two kids.
Ēl tiene un carro blanco. He has one white car.
Ella tiene una hermana. She has one sister.
Creo que usted estuvo cansado ayer. I think that you were tired yesterday.
Tengo seis hermanas, y nosotros estamos toda delgada. I have 6 sisters and they are all thin.

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1. Creo que mi madre es muy bonita - I think my mother is very pretty
2. (Yo ) conozco a Tony Danza - I know Tony Danza
3. Tú sabes cómo comer - You know ...

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A list of sentences translated from English to Spanish, as part of a First Semester exercise.

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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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