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Translation English-Spanish, First Semester (Spanish Native)

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When are me, te, le, nos and es used?
Please write sentences in Latin American Spanish and English using them with the words below. I am 1st year 1st semester so use simple spanish/english such as I will cook for my friends on Saturday, et cetera. I don't understand the use of me, te, le, nos and es.

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The use of these are like substitutes for the person (or persons) who the action refers to.
Cocinare para mis amigos - I will cook for my friends / Les cocinare - I will cook for them.
In this sentence "them" refers to "my friends", thus 'les cocinare' (a ellos) replaces 'para mis ...

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A list of sentences translated from English to Spanish and a brief explanation of their uses, as part of a First Semester exercise.

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