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    Gothic architecture

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    This solution compares Gothic architecture to Romanesque architecture

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    The questions:

    1. What was Gothic architecture, and how was it different from the Romanesque and other types that had gone before it?
    2. How is the Magna Carta important to the liberties of Englishmen and, later, to Americans?
    3. What was the Holy Inquisition, and how did it attempt to enforce religious orthodoxy?

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    1) Gothic sculpture is linked to the rise in Gothic architecture, which began at the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis in about AD 1130. It then spread to the cathedrals of Sens (1140), Noyons (1150), Senlis (1151), Paris (1163), Laon (1165), and Chartres (1194). By the 13th century, Gothic architecture and sculpture had become fully developed in the cathedrals of Amiens and ...

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    This solution compares Gothic architecture to Romanesque architecture