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    The 2nd amendment and the Incorporation Process

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    Dear OTA,

    I'm struggling with government and need an educated opinion regarding the Second Amendment and whether or not its undergone the Incorporation process?

    If it has, could you please explain why or why not?

    Thank you,
    aspiring anthropologist

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    The Second Amendment of the United States is the right to bear arms. US citizens have an individual right to possess a firearm in order to protect his/her property. I personally do not like guns, but this amendment is necessary. I feel this way because these laws are necessary to help insure the safety of Americans. The problem with this amendment is in my opinion, weapons are way too easy to obtain and the negative effects of this is that guns are placed in the wrong hands. Thousands and thousands of people die each year due to gun violence. According to The Brady Center, a nonprofit organization approximately 31,000 US citizens die each year because of guns being sold to individuals who are not legally licensed ...

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    The solution provides insight and advise to a student in tackling the 2nd amendment as it relates to the incorporation process.