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In an effort to understand our forefathers intent, what might our country have been like without the Ant-Federalist additions to our Constitution?

I'm a little vague as to how this impacted our current government.

Please help!

I know understanding our government system is crucial, and I want to truly comprehend this vital aspect/foundation of its creation.

Best regards,

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This is a great question. The Anti Federalists led by Thomas Jefferson were the first state's rights group in American Government. One of the main things that our government would be missing right now if it had not been for the Anti Federalists is our Bill of Rights. One of the main issues that Anti Federalists had with the formation of our government is that there was nothing set up that guaranteed the rights of the individual against the federal government in the original Constitution. In order to get Anti Federalists to sign/ratify the Constitution, Federalists were made to include the Bill of Rights.
The Anti Federalists were also responsible for starting the Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson and other Anti Federalists became what were known as Democratic Republicans. They eventually become known as Democrats, and after the Jacksonian Age become the party that we all know today. This new party favored the power of the people.
The Federalists thought that the majority of Americans at the time of the Revolutionary War were uneducated and too ignorant of government to be able to handle having any real power. Led by people like Alexander Hamilton they fought to increase the power of the federal government and to decrease the power of the people in running their government. This idea that Americans are too ignorant to know what is best for them politically is ...

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