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    Exchange Rates in Other Quotation Format

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    You have the following exchange rates available:
    FF 5.8860 per US $
    GM 1.7558 per US$
    US$ 1.6327 per British Pound(BP)

    a) Determine the above rates in other quotation format (i.e. if above rates are quoted indirectly,calculate direct quotation,and vice versa) Please provide your answer in proper manner ( i.e. XX per YY).

    b) Calculate the exchange rate between FF and BP.

    c) What is the exchange rate between FF and GM

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    (a) US$ 0.1699 per FF
    US$ 0.5695 per GM
    BP 0.6125 per US$

    (b) For US$ 1, we get FF ...

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    The solution determines the given rates in other quotation format and calculates the exchange rate between FF and BP and FF and GM.