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    The political, financial and military future of the USA.

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    Describe the future of the United States based on Political, financial, and world power.

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    What is the future of the United States 5 years out, 10 years out, then 20 years out
    Describe the future of the United States based on Political, financial, and world power.

    Five Years
    Political: America continues to fight within its borders for political power. America is no longer a homogenous nation. There are numerous minorities vying for power, control and influence. Though whites make up the biggest minority they are being closely pushed by Latinos. Asians and blacks as well as numerous smaller immigrant groups desire to have a share in the political power. None of these minorities can be viewed as a political block however, perhaps with the exception of blacks who vote overwhelming along Democratic lines. Others are divided by issues such as sexual preference, moral issues, socio-economic level and religion. Women increasingly are the leaders. They now have more college educated members than men do and are increasingly represented in the highest positions of government, business and education.
    The main problem for the United States is that it has no central values or beliefs that it is willing to stand for and die for. Consumerism, convenience and a life of ease are the values of the day but few are willing to die for these issues. It has abandoned any belief in absolute standards and has bought into the concept that all values and truth are relative and can be interpreted individually.

    Financial: The financial stagnation in America continues. This is due in part to high government regulation which pushes up wages and benefits and makes companies consider moving operations overseas where they can take advantage of tax incentives, cheap labor and little, if any government regulation. The rise of other economic powerhouses such as China, India, and Brazil threaten America's share in the world economy. Significant government regulation of natural resources, oil production and other aspects of business stifle American growth. American workers have grown soft and complacent in their comfortable lives. They are unwilling to endure sacrifice in order to benefit the ...

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