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Supreme Court Packing and Senatorial

I need help finding the correct anwser to the 4 questions below.: Please make sure my anwser are correct.

"Court - Packing" refers to: (D?)

A. the practice whereby presidents appoint only judges of their own party to the bench
B. the occasion when the judges rule on more than the norm
C. intimidating judges by filling the court with rowdy observers
D. None of the above

Senetorial Courtesy: ( I chose B?)

A. played a role in confirming judges in the 19th century, but no longer practiced
B. gives a senator a role in appointing judges
C. Means that questioning judical nominees follows committe seniority
D. refers to senators not criticizing one another during floor proceedings

The supreme court has stated that only federal legislation can address civil libertities issues (T or False) i chose F

Which of the following statements is.are accurate? (C?)

A. Due process rights do not cover state criminal justice systems
B. Freedom of speech does not include symbolic expression
C. Privacy rights do not include protection of consenting adult behavior
D. None of the above

The main thrust of Proposition 227, passed in california in 1994 was: (C?)

A. ending ACLU support of illegal immigration
B. limiting the real esate exas in every urban comunity
C. banning the use of race and sex in college admission and public work
D. mandating that race be a major factor in admitting students to public universities