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Analysis of the Senate Race

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Analyze Hillary Clinton and John Spencer Senate race:

Who will win?

Margain of error?

Issues in the race?

Trends in the Polls?

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Who Will Win?

The polls strongly suggest that Hillary will have a landslide victory. According to Rasmussen Research, in a survey of 500 Likely Voters taken on July 31, 2006, we have the following evidence:

Former Pentagon official Kathleen Troia McFarland and Yonkers Mayor John Spencer have emerged as the leading contenders for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, but neither is making headway. In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of the race, Clinton now leads both candidates 61% to 31%.

Another source (the Siena Research Institute): http://www.siena.edu/sri/results/2006/06_Oct_NYPoll.htm

"Hillary is coasting to a re-election victory against an opponent who continues to be unknown to more than two-thirds of likely voters," Greenberg said. "With little money, little name recognition, and only three weeks to go, Spencer is facing a loss in every region of the state."

Clinton has a 50-point lead in New York City, a 15-point lead in the downstate suburbs, and a 19-point lead upstate. Her favorable/unfavorable rating is 56-38 ...

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An analysis of the senate race is provided. The expert analyzes the Hillary Clinton and John Spencer Senate race.

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