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Reforming policy making

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If you were asked to share your thoughts about reform, where would you recommend we focus our efforts? Should we try to change the way citizens participate? Should we change the way institutions operate?

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In policymaking, there are different rules at all levels and types of government. One of the most consistent parts of policymaking in all areas is the tit for tat that goes on. Everyone makes a deal to get their bill passed, law changed, voice heard. This needs to change. Government bills, policies, and rules should be made and passed, standing on their own merit. The value of a policy is diluted when there are provisions that have little to do with the actual problem or worse, are held hostage to the whims and deals of others. Good policies are diluted to mere shadows of their original intent. Bad policy is often passed just because it is added or negotiated ...

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A discussion that focuses on the suggestions of the OTA about how to reform policy making and why it should be changed.

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