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    The Supreme Court: Empowerment & Systems

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    Why are some cases not heard by the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court has no police force and a relatively small budget, so where does it get it's power? How does it enforce decisions? What does this quoatation mean, "Judges are just making too much legislation"? From what I understand, judges make decisions regarding legislation, mostly based on precedents from other cases. So what actually happens? It seems to me that judges are as politicized as politicians. But judges are not politicians???

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    The Supreme Court of the united States of America does not hear every case that it is petitioned to hear. There are far too many cases to be heard; therefore, the court picks and chooses which cases to hear. How does it make its choices? By what criteria? Typically, the decision to hear or not to hear a case is based on how the Supreme Court Justices perceive the merits of the case. Some cases it will simply refuse to hear. Can these decisions be politically-based? Yes, it may happen, although sometimes it may not have subject-matter jurisdiction and, therefore, must refuse to hear (see below).

    You are right, the Supreme Court does not have police powers. Thankfully. However, the Supreme Court derives it power from the ...

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