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    Federal District Courts, Federal Courts of Appeal

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    How are the Federal District Courts, the Federal Courts of Appeal, and the U. S. Supreme Cout different? How are they similar? What role do the various courts play in making or interpreting law that applies to businesses, employees of those firms, and for esolving or preventing conflict?

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    Federal District Courts

    "Federal courts enjoy the sole power to interpret the law, determine the constitutionality of the law, and apply it to individual cases. The courts, like Congress, can compel the production of evidence and testimony through the use of a subpoena. The inferior courts are constrained by the decisions of the Supreme Court once the Supreme Court interprets a law, inferior courts must apply the Supreme Court's interpretation to the facts of a particular case." (The White House, 2010). Supreme Court proceedings that does not include witness testimonies or the testimonies of the plaintiff or defendant, instead, the court requires a legal brief prepared by legal administration from each side before the appointed date of appearance. The attorneys present their opposing arguments on behalf of the client before the judge. The court takes each argument into consideration and thoroughly evaluates the evidence presented and renders a decision according to what is ...

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    The expert examines federal district courts, and federal courts of appeal.