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    Supreme Court Case and Due Process

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    Discuss and analyze the significance and legal ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court case: In re Gault. How important is "due process" in juvenile court situations?

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    In the U.S Supreme Court case In re: Gault, Gault was already on probation at the age of 15 for something he was no directly involved in. His friend had pick-pocketed a woman and Gault was there when it happened and was put on probation for being "guilty by association." The second time he got in trouble was when he and a friend placed obscene phone calls to an elderly woman. When the woman notified the policy, Gault was immediately taken into custody by the sheriff's office and was placed in a juvenile ...

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    An examination of how due process was used and abused in the United States Supreme Court Case Gault v. Gault.