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State Court vs. Federal Court Systems

Compare and contrast state court systems and federal court systems. Analyze the difference between trial court and appellate court.

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When comparing and contrasting state and federal court systems it is imperative for YOU to understand that the federal court system and its top court the Supreme Court of the United States of America is the authoritative court of the land. This court is as definitive and final in its decision-making as any law passed by congress or the president. Therefore, all lower courts including federal and state courts must abide by their rulings and set precedent for any future rulings made by state and lower federal courts upon these rulings. Once you have been made privy to this information it becomes necessary to understand how the different systems operate and what crimes that each attempt to address.

What separates federal courts in comparison to their state counterparts is that they only deal with federal offenses. Bank robberies, crimes that cross state ...

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The solution discusses state courts vs. federal court systems.