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    Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

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    Resistance to Change

    Resistance to change is a natural condition. What would you want to learn from an analysis of resistance that might be applied to a successful change product?

    Monitoring why patients are not receiving pneumonia antibiotics on time

    Problem:This is a study guide question and I was looking for some insight on this... it's a scenario... Your ED is typically overcrowded and busy. Data reveal that although the CMS require ...there is moreshow problemThis is a study guide question and I was looking for some insight on this... it's a scenario... Your

    Monitoring why patients are not receiving pneumonia antibiotics on time

    This is a study guide question and I was looking for some insight on this... it's a scenario... Your ED is typically overcrowded and busy. Data reveal that although the CMS requires that pneumonia patients receive antibiotic within 4 hours of coming to the ED, these patients are receiving antibiotics between 6 and 8 hours a

    Causes of mortality tables

    Compare the rankings of the causes of mortality in Tables 4 and 6 on pages 80 and 83 in Oleske. What do you think accounts for the differences in ranking of causes of mortality? Which table of data would you use in determining what should be priority areas for health care services in a community comprised of immigrants and rac

    What tool would you use to analyze patient satisfaction?

    Patient satisfaction survey data for the surgical service have been found to vary greatly in the following areas: perception of nursing care, staff attitude, food quality, team communication, noise level, room condition, and education about the disease process. (1) What tools would you use to interpret the data? (2) How wo

    tri-fold brochure

    Prepare a tri-fold brochure that is professional in appearance to enroll patients into a study that you are conducting. The study design can be qualitative or quantitative. You may create a study or use a study from the literature from which you extract the information that might have appeared in a brochure. The intended audienc

    advantages and disadvantages of static versus dynamic faculty role models

    I need some additional suggestions/ideas and help articulating the following many definitions of teaching that are available. 1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of static versus dynamic faculty role models, and (give an example) or describe a faculty evaluation system/scenario with which you are familiar that could

    Random Selection Methods in Research

    A study of women who are in the process of obtaining a divorce will be studied to assess whether there are significant attitudinal changes after the divorce has been finalized. There are 798 couples in the geographic area that have recently filed for divorce. If a sample of 25 women is needed for the study, what type or types of

    Quality Measurement

    What are some pitfalls or shortcomings of Quality measurement? Examples? If placed in charge of your organizations QI department, how would you determine what is important to measure in an organization?

    Health Care Performance Improvement

    What measures does your organization use to determine if your organization is performing well? Is this information than shared with those collecting the data?

    Research Planning Activity

    I need your ideas(I have some)--on the following? All research activity is subordinate to the research problem itself. Sooner or later, the entire effort must result in an interpretation of the data and setting forth of conclusions, drawn from the data, to resolve the problem being investigated." What do you think the auth

    Why do organizations perform program evaluations?

    Why do organizations perform program evaluations? In preparing the evaluation section of the proposal, what questions should you ask yourself? Explain the possible elements of an evaluation plan. What information goes into the methods or program plan component of a proposal? How can you explain the rational for the methods po


    What is objectivity? Why is it important? How is it estimated? What is reliability? Why is it important? How is it estimated? What is validity? Why is it important? How is it estimated? Identify things to consider when preparing to test participants on physical performance.

    Dependent and independent variables

    A researcher wants to find out the reliability and validity of a certain measure and the hypotheses are: 1) the healthy control participants will score better on the EFPT than those with stroke, 2) participants with mild stroke would perform significantly better than those with moderate stroke, 3) EFPT scores would show m

    Grant Funding

    Can someone help me in articulating this? Discuss the impact of the current economic climate on federal grant funding, philanthropic funding, and corporate funding. How do you believe this climate will change in the next 5 years? In the next 10 years?

    Direct Costs versus Indirect Costs

    What is the difference between direct and indirect costs? and What do these mean to the institution being funded for a project? Why do some agencies allow for indirects while others do not ? and If a proposal is funded at a level lower than requested (for example, it receives 65% of its request), how can the agency (fundee) m

    Goals and Objectives

    1. Discuss the key characteristics of well written goals and outcomes, such as those in a proposal i.e. give examples.

    Review Paper

    Can you help in articulating this for me? I need information and ideas to get me started. Thank you. TASK: Thinking like a reviewer and recalling what you have learned about successful proposals write a 2-3 page review of one of the proposals found at: http://www.npguides.org/guide/sample_proposals.htm

    Grant Proposal - Component Checklist

    List the core components of a successful proposal. In one document, list the funding source, the web address for the funding guidelines, and create a checklist of required and optional components required in a grant proposal. Be sure to note any required formatting, the mode of submission, and whether an Request for Proposal

    Explain Reliability

    Using a blood draw to compare to the glucometer. If reliability is consistency of a measurement, and validity is how well a measurement reflects the concept in question, is the comparison of a glucometer reading to a blood draw an indication of the reliability or the validity? How do you know?

    Research Reliability and Validity

    Can someone help me with this?I am a bit lost and don't know where to start here-please help. Say you were interviewing an expert researcher regarding different aspect of the research process:using this checklist, Complete this expert researcher interview?? 1. How do you start a research project? 2. What specific to

    Yoga's effects

    What if we did not know the paritcipant of a yoga class had stressful events that cause thieir blood pressure to rise. Perhaps he lost his job and never told the instructor. We wolud still see the changes in his blood pressure., but without being aware of the stressful event, we would not understand the cause of the change and

    The Human mind in Interpreting Research findings

    Can someone help me with this? (My text is Leedy and Ormod, Practical research) The human mind is a very powerful tool of research. How does the mind use statistics, deductive logic, and inductive reasoning to interpret research findings? Outcome: Understand the difference between the tools and the methodology of resea