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Evaluation Questions

How do poorly written evaluation questions affect the program evaluation report? What affect do poorly written evaluation questions have on analysis and the interpretation of results? Give an example of one poorly written question and then give an example of how it can be improved.

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The way an evaluation question is written has a direct impact on how it is interpreted and answered. Interpretation or definitions of words, presence of negativity and unperceived bias in the questions affects its response. The diversity of the community answering the questions is another factor that affects the way the question is interpreted and answered.

Simple language eliminates confusion. A redundant question, "The next question evaluates what have you learn in this program. Compare to before this program, would you say that after you attended ...

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The solution includes discussion of the most common errors when writting evaluation questions for a program. Examples of redundant, double negative and bias questions are given with explanations on how they affect the interpretation of the results.