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    Restrained patient found dead

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    A patient in your facility was placed in restraints due to agitation and to prevent her from harming herself or others. During normal morning rounds, a nurse discovered the patient dead in her bed.

    â?¢As an administrator, what would you do?

    â?¢How do you handle the media?

    â?¢Whom do you go to for information?

    â?¢What kind of information do you want?

    â?¢What major categories would you anticipate would be involved in the root cause analysis?

    â?¢What factors do you think might have contributed to this adverse event?

    â?¢How would you develop a corrective action

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    As an administrator, what would you do? Remain calm, gather data and facts,

    How do you handle the media? Due to HIPAA violations and confidentiality, no information will be given to the media until the results of a thorough investigation have been performed and the patient's identity and the actual cause for death can legally be released. This would be communicated by the Public Relations department of the hospital to the media.

    Whom do you go to for information? First and foremost, ALL healthcare workers present during that shift would be asked for information regarding the patient. Risk manage,ent would be involved immediately, along with all head Administrators, including the CEO.

    What kind of information do you want? You ...

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