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Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

Journal and database search engines and public search engines

Discuss the similarities between your library's online journal and database search engines and public search engines like Google, Scholar or Web of Science. Are there some journals or databases that you cannot find? What other resources are available? Would you consider the sources that you find through Google Scholar credible?

Change in employee evaluations

Develop Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change. I have chosen an issue from Walgreens and want to create a plan for a proposed change to resolve the issue. The one I have chosen is the way employee evaluations are done. Right now they are done once a year and I was thinking about making it four ti

Randomized Control Trial Overview

A study is planned to assess the effect of a new surgical intervention for gallbladder disease. One hundred patients with gallbladder disease will be randomly assigned to receive either the new surgical intervention or the standard surgical intervention. The efficacy of the new surgical intervention will be measured by the tim

Public Health Pancreatic Cancer Study

An investigator wants to assess whether smoking is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Electronic medical records at a local hospital will be used to identify fifty patients with pancreatic cancer. One hundred patients who are similar but free of pancreatic cancer will also be selected. Each participant's medical record will

Considering Direct Costs and Indirect Costs

When developing a budget for your change project, you need to consider direct costs and indirect costs. How do they differ? Can indirect costs be budgeted? Please use resources from outside Burns and Grove to answer this question. I suggest using a site from a research university or from the federal government.

PICO Question: Active Duty Soldiers and Sleep Disorders

My proposed clinical question is: Do active duty soldiers receiving sleep hygiene screening and follow resources from nurses in military primary care clinics experience improved sleep quality and duration? What I envision is that during the intake for a primary care appointment the nurse ask the patient about the duration and

Role of Program Evaluation

What is the role of program evaluation in the development of programs and strategies for addressing public health issues?

System to justify the full-time employees of the lab dept

You are working on a big project for the hospital's chief financial officer (CFO). You must develop a system to justify the full-time employees of the laboratory department. > Decide how many hours during the week the department must be staffed to fully operate. > Calculate, using one of the FTE formulas to justify, how many

Questions in PICO Format

I need to develop a searchable question using the PICOT format. (The question is a single statement identifying the components of PICOT Developing a Question I need to recall the components of PICOT from the research work completed so far: (P) Population of Focus (I) Intervention (C) Comparison (O) Outcome (T)

Use of Surveys in Health Care

A) I need to research a questionnaire, survey, or test that may be applied to a project. Why was it selected as an evaluation tool? B) What data can be expected or obtained through this method of data collection and how will it be used to support a proposed change?

Coordinating the system's quality and safety goals

Please help with the following problem regarding potential problems in research methods. How might inaccurate data captured during the inpatient encounter result in harm to the patient? How can such errors be minimized?

Evaluation Research

1. Show the correlation between evaluation research and the three research methods (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods). Include: a.) The purpose of evaluation research. b.) Determine which type of data is considered relevant to evaluation research in Public Health. c.) Assess which research methods (qualitati

Performance Improvement Efforts and Research

Explain the differences between performance improvement efforts and research. Provide examples so I can better understand. Would you agree with the following statement? When working with performance improvement, it is important to understand the differences between rapid performance improvement and research. Strong researc

Evolution of the problem

Please identify potential causes for the problem of Effectively Handling Human Resources. In addition, critically analyze the causes and explain how you would go about assessing these causes in the context of a specific organization.

Bar coding

Summarize this research study in a concise manner detailing the elements of scientific merit.

Case Study: Credible Resources for Diabetes

Please provide your feedback for the following case study: Case Study You have been hired by a health practice to help provide sources of information about issues and trends for diabetic patients. These sources must be credible but appropriate for patients. Sources for doctors should be from peer-reviewed journal articles

Research vs. Evidence

What is the differences between research vs. evidence based practice? AND What is the difference between a research study article vs. a plain journal article? Provide examples. 

Changes in the healthcare setting

Please help answer the following questions. Discuss some changes that have been implemented recently in a health care work setting. Which principles of planned change helped its success? When thinking of the same change, which principles of planned change were not used and could have increased its success?

Ethical Research Violation Scenario

Elderly male undergoes treatment for prostate cancer. Several days later the man experiences pain and medical problems related to his earlier treatment. The man was unwittingly a research subject. He gave no consent for participation in the study.

The Evaluation Process

The CDC notes how program evaluation can be used to plan effective health interventions, improve existing programs, and demonstrate "the results of resource investments," (CDC, 2001). In order to know what is working, it is essential to conduct an evaluation of a program, recognizing that different forms of evaluation provide di

Qualitative Research Strategies

Qualitative vs Quantitative data collection Ethnology is the study of the division of humankind based upon race, ethnicity, origins, or characterizations as found in natural settings. Keeping this definition of ethnology in mind, create an observational checklist, containing at least 10 items, to examine people within a socia

Research Methods in Public Health, Polls, & Sample Selection.

In newspaper and magazine articles, polls are frequently quoted, especially around election time. Based on the information there is available regarding sample selection, discuss how some polls can be strongly shaped to achieve a specific outcome. Also, have you/someone you know ever been polled? If not, why do you think that is?

Education for health care professionals is assessed.

 How much responsibility to prepare health care professionals to function effectively belongs to educational programs outside of schools as compared to hiring organizations? How might programs and organizations reduce the educational gaps between programs and employers?